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Miashin's gameplay for Lair (PS3)

Miashin played Lair

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Miashin said...
  • angry
It's a good thing Lair has the rage vision features. It provides nice in game symmetry to how I feel when I play it.

Stuck on the giant sea serpent mission because escorting something as dump as mantas (and they HAVE to be epicly low on the intelligence scale to not even TRY and escape from a predator) is very important and very frustrating.

At first things were looking up in the game too. I said screw plot continuity and decided to try flying the dragons I downloaded along with the control fix. They control much better than the starting dragon (and their wings moves better!) so I was pretty happy.

And I was doing damn good on the annoying 'escort' part on the escort mission. Taking out ice dragons left and right easily with my new ride.

And then that annoying serpent shows up and is just that goddamn impossible to battle.

I manage to do damage to it, but it repairs that damage as soon as it eats a manta. I try to fly between them and engage it during its assaults and I get blown aside and not given enough of a chance to get back between them.

When I do, FINALLY, manage to engage it directly enough for it to try and fight me, the controls fail to respond and it nom's me instead of the mantas.

It's been a long time since I picked up a game that has frustrated and angered me so with every attempt to get through it. And I wished for nothing more than to get my money back for it.

Lair (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 30/AUG/07
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