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Miashin's gameplay for Lair (PS3)

Miashin played Lair

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Miashin said...
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Well I've gotten to mission 4 now.

I'm still bugged as all hell by the wonky wing animations of the dragon. Wing needs to bend developers! The same way a knee needs to bend for the rest of the leg to walk properly.

But that's an old gripe, I've got a new one for this session. I managed to figure out how to turn on the updated analog controls, and yes they do make the dragon much easier to control. But they are very... base. Pretty much, the direction you move the analog stick is the direction the dragon will fly to. It's the exact opposite of what they were trying to accomplish with the motion controls, and so far separate from what's happening in game that it looks and feels like you're controlling a robot.

A better control scheme would have been to use both analog controllers as the right one is entirely useless for controlling the camera. It's still too snappy and difficult to control to find what you're desperately looking for.

Another issue I have is with the dragons flight. In short, it moves like molasses. Sure you can make it flap its wings with X to move faster but you have to repeatedly tap the button to gain any speed and it's patently useless when you're trying to make a quick turn. Overall the dragon moves like molasses and it really makes me wish more missions were ground based because down there everything is much faster, smoother, and easier. Air-borne it's just clunky and slow.

In the end I actually prefer the motion sensitive controls. At least then the slowness helps me control the dragon, and it does feel much better than analog control, even if it's that tad more confusing.

Enemies are STILL impossible to pick out, and rage vision still isn't all that helpful.

My rating so far for this game is less than average. Not poor, but not all that far above it either. My one final complaint is that it's impossible to skip the THX and Factor 5 credits at the beginning of the game. Which is epicly annoying as they're long as sin.

Lair (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 30/AUG/07
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