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Miashin's gameplay for Lair (PS3)

Miashin played Lair

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Miashin said...
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And now I gave Lair a shot. I'm... uninspired, and this is coming from one of those classic dragon obsessed freaks.

Mostly I really dislike how right in the second mission (after the attack on the city) you get to do escort work. Bleh, I hate escorting, and I dislike anything but perfection nearly just as much. So I find myself doing it over and over trying to save all the barges.

I don't really have a problem with the controls or gameplay, the way most people do. They do feel a little sluggish, but then again I'm also pretty awkward with the control still as this is pretty much my first PS3 game.

But what I do dislike extremely is how impossible it is to tell enemy dragons from the surroundings and how annoying the camera is. The camera itself is impossible to control, sure you're given control but it just doesn't work. It moves too fast for the eye to focus on anything, and then continuously overshoots what you're trying to look at. This is not at all aided by the fact that whatever you're wanting to look at blends in almost entirely into the background noise of the field.

The ice dragons may look different in the movies, but when you're actually flying around they're impossible to tell from your allies.

The target arrow is utterly useless as well. Once you get in close trying to kill your opponent, unless you get a lock on, they will end up in some ungodly corner of your sight where, once again, the camera won't let you take a look. By the time you've gotten yourself turned around to find the enemy (which really takes far too long as well) you once again won't be able to pick them out in the mass of 'stuff.'

Also, somebody should have told whoever animated these dragons that, not counting insects, a flying creatures wings CLOSE when they flap, not just twitch up an down. All they dragon's flying animations look awkward because the wings just seem to twitch up and down, full flaps look stupid because the whole wing comes up making the movement seem stiff and limping.

The movement of flight is down, close, up, open, down and repeat. Twitching is good only for adjustment in catching a good breeze.

I wish I wasn't such a sucker for anything with dragons in it.

Lair (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 30/AUG/07
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