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Miashin played Devil May Cry 2

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Miashin said...
  • bored
Picked up Devil May Cry 2 today. Considering that I've almost got the original DMC beat and am halfway through DMC 3, I figure it was about damn time. And yes, it does bother me to be playing things out of order, as I mentioned in my last DMC post, but today was prompted by the same thing that got me to pick up DMC 3 before finishing with 1.

My sister started on DMC 2.

Despite all my hang ups about doing things in order, I have an even bigger hang up about her getting any further than me. Or, worse yet, BEATING a game before me. So I tried to catch up with, and surpass, her (which would work much better if I knew what mission she was on).

But I have to say, I can see why many people think this is the worst game in the series. Where all the others are brimming with spark, attitude, and life, this one is really flat, quiet, repetitive, and boring. I'm on mission three and there's barely been any kind of dialogue. I still have no idea why Dante is doing... this job, and I'm assuming it's a job, or who the red haired woman is. She acts like she's met with Dante before in the first scene, but there's really no background info for it.

I quit a few minutes after starting mission three. The game's just so drab thus far.

OH! Almost forgot, but I don't like the camera in this game. Now in all the DMCs there's been a fixed camera that provides you a shot of wherever you're at, usually at an interesting angle. But so far, especially in the underground of mission two, I've found it rather spastic and inconvenient. It's just not pointing in the directions I want to look, and I HATE off camera enemies.

It's not to the point where I'll say the game is unplayable thanks to the weird views, but it is somewhat frustrating. And this is only two and a half missions in. A hole game of this?

Oh well, I know sibling rivalry will drive me to keep on playing.

At the very least, I can say without a doubt that this game is far easier than any other DMC I've played so if I were to actually put forth the effort I could probably beat it pretty quickly. But that just serves to make the it even more uninspiring and even more of a grind.
Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry 2 (PS2)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 29/JAN/03
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